This online course teaches well known blues guitar techniques to help you play blues guitar like a pro. Master the essentials of playing blues rhythm and form, pentatonic scale licks, bends, hammer on, pull offs and trills. These blues guitar lessons contain detailed demonstrations and practice exercises to help make learning easy. Accessible for lifetime access on mobile or desktop with an internet connection for USD $20 or SGD $28. 


1. Beginner and intermediate guitarists

2. Blues music lovers

3. Musicians, Teachers, Students to have new material for classes


* Control the speed at which you learn with lifetime access to the course

* Accessible on mobile or desktop with an internet connection


* Share or gift this course to friends, musicians, students, teachers and guitar lovers

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Jon  Adessky
Jon Adessky
"Blues comes from the heart. It's really important that you have fun with this and just express yourself. It doesn't have to sound a certain way right away, but you'll get to where you want to go"

About the instructor

Music is big part of who I am, past, future, and present. I picked up my father’s old guitar as a kid, and it amazed me that a person could make such interesting sounds with a piece of wood and six strings. I spent a lot of time listening to music and trying to replicate parts of songs. My father influenced me tremendously in my musical taste and thank the lord that he did. I discovered the music that I grew to love blues. 

What's included?

27 Videos
1.4 hours